About Us

We use our online business and technology expertise to transform new businesses and existing ones so they can thrive

FidexTech offers online business consultancy and web designing services to independent business owners, small, medium, and large businesses.

What we Do - Through our online consultancy services, we developed strategies to help business owners structure or restructure their online businesses to become more profitable and use new marketing approaches to market their businesses on the internet. We also help with the security aspect of e-commerce websites, CMS, and other web applications.

Our services include an in-depth consultancy that helps identify gaps and opportunities in existing online businesses for possible improvement.

Furthermore, we offer a large variety of quality products and tools to help our prospects set up and grow their business quickly and efficiently on the internet, such as affordable web hosting and cloud hosting, security software to backup and protect their online data, website creators, and business emails.

Regarding our web design service, clients may request our web solution assistance, as we can help creating custom web designs for e-commerce websites and other web based applications, as well as improving websites' SEO and digital marketing.

Our Approach - Based on the trends in online businesses, websites administrators need to see things in a different angle so they can develop new techniques and strategies for a solid web presence in order to attract visitors. If you just release a website, you may be disappointed by the results if you don’t follow the right leads. We developed strategies to help structure online businesses so they can become more profitable.

Besides our in-depth consultancy that helps identify gaps and opportunities in business ideas, we collected the best practices and tactics to new business owners get off to a good start and ensure that existing entrepreneurs keep up with demand.

Why Us? - We are passionate of coaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs, helping others gives us satisfaction in what we do. We deeply believe in helping others to grow and providing them affordable products and services.

So far, one of the key of our success is our commitment to satisfying our customers and delivering awesome experience through technical support and customer service. Let us be your guidance, We believe we are up to it.