Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of service do you offer?

We currently offer web designing service and online business consulting. We also offer cheap domains and hosting products such as traditional web hosting, cloud hosting, and Wordpress hosting.

We offer extra products such as business emails, SSL certificates, and other web security tools, etc.

2. What type online business consulting you offer?

We currently focus on helping people or businesses to build stunning e-commerce websites, web based applications, and blogs. We show people how to convert their passion into an income. We help with the web design, digital marketing techniques and strategies, SEO techniques, and website security.

3. Besides the web designing service do you offer programming service and website maintenance?

Yes, our professional team is wiling to assist with new website creations or improving existing ones. We also help with on-demand programming service for websites.

4. Do you accept different payment options?

We allow different payment methods. Customers can use their credit cards or use their PayPal accounts to make an online payment in seconds. Or they can choose our offline payment options where we accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, money transfer from Western Union or MoneyGram, and wire transfer.

5. How do I make an offline payment?

You can make an offline payment by signing up for our account and choose a desired product, then you can contact us to let us know that you want to use our offline payment options, such as Money Transfer, Wire transfer, Crypto Currency payment, etc.

6. Is your website secure enough to use my credit card?

Absolutely. We are very picky about customer personal and safety. Our current payment system is based on PayPal payment system; therefore, your information is encrypted with the highest level commercially available. Note that PayPal servers check your browser to make sure it employs the latest encryption technology and your data is stored on servers that aren’t directly connected to the Internet. Also, keep in mind that we do not store credit card information in our servers.

7. How do you issue invoices to your clients?

Our automated system emails the clients their invoices as soon as the transactions are completed. For business purposes we keep a copy of all invoices in our database.

8. Do you charge in different currencies?

Our main currency is the US dollar; nevertheless, our system is set to automatically identify your country currency based on your IP address. So, if you use an IP address from your current location, chances are for you to see your local currency, which is converted automatically by our currency converter from US dollar.

9. Is my personal information shared or sold to other parties?

We make sure that your personal info is kept safe. Because your privacy is very important to FidexTech, we do not plan on sharing your info to any third party company whatsoever. Please read our privacy policy for more info. Privacy Policy.

10. How do I get in touch with Technical Support?

You can reach out to our Tech Support agents directly from our chat widgets at the bottom of the website or from the Contact Us section of the website via this link: Tech Support. Our support team is available 24/ 7.

Note: We recommend you to use our Knowledge Base section to search for the main topic your need help for before contacting the support team. Knowledge Base